Research Day 2018: Poster session at the University Downtown Center

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 2.21.22 PMBe sure to stop by the first floor atrium to review the posters and speak with the presenters.
11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m on Thursday, April 19



1. Emergency medical services and school pushout: A case study of New York City public schools
Authors: Dominic Davy, Jeffrey Winthal, Annahita Ball, Elizabeth Mellin
 2. Identifying, conceptualizing and measuring identity across STEM fields: A literature review
Authors: Amber Simpson, Yahya Bouhafa
3. A Landscape of how professionals perceive themselves in the S-T-E-M fields
Authors: Amber Simpson, Jose Morales Collazo
4. Binghamton City School District substance use needs assessment
Authors: Mohammed Rabiu Abubakari, Benjamin Deangelis, Justine Lewis, Elora Orazio
5. Exploring Millennial’s Health
Author: Nicole A. Zulu
6. Campus Climate Matters: Examining relationships between racial microaggressions and mental health among students of color
Authors: Ada Robinson-Perez, Miesha Marzell, Woojae Han
7. Broome County HEARS exploration of enrollment and retention
Authors: Erin Marulli, Cory Rusin
8. Project Reflect: Exploring outcomes of self-affirmation tasks
Authors: Callon M. Williams, Elora Orazio, Angelo DiBello, Kate Carey, Nadine Mastroleo
9. Changing the world by helping people feel valued: A latent class analysis on feelings of inclusion in a diverse health care organization
Authors: Kim Brimhall and Monique Saastamoinen
10. Legal drinking age and the relationship to alcohol use and related consequences in a sample of college students
Authors: Elora Orazio, Callon Williams, Kelly Clary, Nadine R. Mastroleo
11. Race/ethnicity-, poverty- and disability-based inequities in novice teachers’ access to school social resources: Relationships with commitment to schools and to teaching
Authors: L. Mason-Williams, Yifei Zeng and Shaofei Zhao
12 . Learning from Malawi: An international partnership to support a trauma-sensitive university-assisted rural community school
Authors: Henock Banda, Lisa Blitz, Denise Yull
13. “Koma ndizovuta” (But it’s hard): Understanding custodial grandparenting in Malawi to inform community school development
Authors: Phoebe Kufeyani, Lisa Blitz, Youjung Lee
14. Early parental/maternal psychosocial factors as predictors of caries in primary anterior teeth: A review
Author: Shabnam Seyedzadeh Sabounchi
15. Global Health Impact: An initiative to evaluate and compare medicines’ global health
Authors: The Global Health Impact Team
Sponsored by the Institute for Justice and Well-Being and the College of Community and Public Affairs.

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