Moments from Malawi: Reflections from student volunteers

Binghamton University student volunteers are improving life for children in Malawi through participation in the Malawi Children’s Mission Partnership (MCM) 
Prof Lisa Blitz with her two best friends
Associate Professor Lisa Blitz, CCPA Social Work, with two friends.

The Malawi Children’s Mission Partnership (MCM) is a collaboration between a local businessman and members of CCPA that helps students from a range of disciplines address the profound intergenerational cycle of poverty in Broome County and the far-flung African country of Malawi.

Program volunteers repeatedly say they come away from the experience feeling they received more important life lessons than they delivered.

Moments from Malawi: Reflections from student volunteers
 is a blog series sharing the thoughts and experiences of MCM student volunteers in their own words. New stories will resume with the fall semster, but we’ve included three recently-featured student experiences to enjoy in the interim!

Thomas Mastro, MPA-SSA ’18

Tom and the boys

Shannon Rudy, Syracuse, MSW 2018

Eboniqua Smith Bronx, NY, MSW 2018

Join us soon for a new Binghamton University student volunteer experience!

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