Binghamton University student philanthropy program awards $13,200

Binghamton University philanthropy students announced the recipients of more than $13,000 in local grant awards for 2016.

The University’s Philanthropy Incubator program consists of undergraduate and graduate students who learn about community needs, the role nonprofit organizations play in addressing those needs, and ways in which to manage and lead nonprofit organizations effectively. The students also learned the importance of philanthropy, the giving of time or money, to ensure charitable organizations have the resources they need in order to make a difference for communities.


“Binghamton University students love to give back. Whenever they’re talking about the project they’re working on, it’s usually not about the homework assignment, paper or test they have to finish, it’s about the elementary school they’re volunteering at or the events they host for fundraising activity,” said Binghamton University President Harvey Stenger. “Thousands of students —five to six thousand students —are volunteering each year.”

Students in an undergraduate course on philanthropy selected two organizations with missions that embodied this year’s focus area of youth/education:

  • Lourdes Detention Alternative After School Program (DAASP) – $7,500 program grant to start new summer programming that will encourage at-risk youth to get internship/job experience in arts-related careers fields.
  • Broome County Urban League – $2,500 operational grant to ensure the organization can continue its goals of providing school and summer programs, tutoring/mentoring, technology classes and workforce development.

“Binghamton University stresses active citizenship. We want our graduates to be prepared to use their skills and passions to make the world a better place in some way,” Campbell said.


The graduate students in the master of public administration (MPA) program also awarded funding with money raised earlier this year through the student-led Party with a Purpose. Organizations receiving grants were selected based upon areas of concern to students, assessment of community needs and the performance of selected organizations in addressing those needs.

“Students prepared several persuasive written and oral arguments to establish their cases for the organizations,” said Susan Appe, assistant professor of public administration. “We want to encourage our students to become active global citizens—both as students and future public servants.”


This year, the MPA students selected the Community Care Network of Nichols (CCNN) for a $3,207 grant. CCNN is aimed at enhancing the quality of life for the residents in the town and village of Nichols. The organization works to establish the required community infrastructure to allow people across their lifespans to stay healthy, independent and remain in their own homes for as long as possible. CCNN is also lead by Executive Director Dorothy “Dot” Richter, who is pursuing a master’s of public administration degree at the College of Community and Public Affairs.

For the first time, the MPA students also awarded grant funding to a non-profit working internationally, Peruvian Hearts. The organization strives to empower women and girls through education and mentorship.

“Working with these engaged students this semester, I can say that they have already become active citizens. I think the biggest lesson these the students have taken away about their experience is the challenges and opportunities in Broome County and how we can contribute to the community to make it a better place for all to live,” Campbell said.

*The grants given through the undergraduate philanthropy course were funded by the Learning by Giving Foundation.

**The grants given through the master’s of public administration course were funded by the College of Community and Public Affairs Latin American Partnership Fund, which was established in 2014 thanks to the generous donation of Mr. Jerome A. Lyman ’78.

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