Student competes in regional finals of NASPAA conference

Last month, I had the pleasure of representing Binghamton University at the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs and Administration (NASPAA) 2016 Student Simulation Competition.

The competition brought together hundreds of students from around the world at eight regional competitions held across the United States and Europe. At the northeast regional site located at Columbia University, I was one of 60 public administration students from 22 universities in the Northeast.

NASPAA student conference.jpg

The teams at each site were asked to deliver a plan to solve the world’s single most pressing collective problem: climate change. We were prompted to come up with measures to mitigate global temperature rise and negotiate with and appease various stakeholder groups, such as the fossil fuel industry. After deciding on our proposal, we then had to ensure our plan was feasible by creating an implementation and staffing strategy for our plan. A panel of professionals deliberated on the top proposal.

The winning climate change plan came from a team at the Maastricht University simulation site in the Netherlands, where students created a comprehensive strategy to limit global temperature rise to 1.9 degrees Celsius.

The winning plan can be viewed here.

I had an amazing time attending the simulation and feel incredibly honored to have collaborated with each and every great mind in attendance. I learned so much from the professionals and students and now feel even more confident in our generation’s ability to work hard and tackle such an ominous dilemma. I would like to thank Binghamton University and the Department of Public Administration for giving me this wonderful and inspiring opportunity; it was truly an unforgettable learning experience.

Dina Truncali, MPA ’16

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