Doctoral student Stephen Capobianco, MPA ’12, on presenting in Ecuador


In August 2015 Stephen Capobianco, CCPA doctoral student and Cornell University’s education abroad advisor, traveled to Quito, Ecuador to moderate and present at the III Congreso Latinoamericano y Caribeño de Ciencias Sociales (3rd Latin American and Caribbean Congress of Social Sciences). He co-presented with his colleague, Professor Sebastian Bitar of the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia.

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In the months preceding the conference, Stephen and Sebastian worked on a paper entitled, “The changing landscape: LGBT rights in Colombia and Ecuador”. Currently, Stephen and Sebastian are exploring ways to publish the evolving study. Their paper was one of three co-presented by members of the Binghamton University community at the conference. The other two papers on the panel were by CCPA faculty, Professors Nadia Rubaii and Susan Appe, and their South American co-authors. The panel was entitled,”Convergencia de políticas públicas comparadas: un discurso sobre tres casos distintos de Ecuador y Colombia” (Convergence of comparative public policies: A discourse about three distinct cases from Ecuador and Colombia).

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The opportunity to present at the conference and meeting scholars from around the world, especially from Latin America was made possible by generous funding from the CCPA Latin America Partnership Development Fund and from Cornell Abroad at Cornell University. Take a look at the program from the conference here to see more about the variety of different panels. It truly highlights the interdisciplinary research that is coming out of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Stephen was also able to visit a few study abroad sites and meet with program directors. Notably, he was able to spend an entire day at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Stephen’s other research interests lie in understanding marginalized voices within the context of international education. This was a wonderful opportunity to explore first hand some of the places students choose to go and study abroad.

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Stephen is going to continue his research interests in Latin America this Spring 2016 semester in two ways. He will be joining work on a research project and forthcoming publications with a team here at Binghamton and in Latin America. Stephen will work with Professors Rubaii and Appe on comparative studies of engaged pedagogies in Latin America. Additionally, Stephen will be traveling to Dublin to present research submitted for publication by Professor Rubaii, Sebastian Lippez de Castro and Stephen on their experiences co-teaching across the Americas in Spring 2015. Read more about that in a previous blog post here.

Stephen Capobianco is a doctoral student in the College’s Community and Public Affairs PhD program and education abroad advisor at Cornell University. Follow Stephen on Twitter and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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